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Life is like baking a pie. Everything you put into it determines what it will be. So I only use the finest ingredients to ensure that you can enjoy the best life has to offer.

This is what you see when you walk into this great pie shop. I simply have one baker case, which I use to display all the dry pies. I call them dry because refrigeration is not necessary. I also stack loads of cookies and cakes in this case. I have one smaller refrigerated case and a much larger one, too.

— Marilyn Bush

Life circumstances sculpted my future and found that all I needed was to go back to my roots and bake away. I owe my success to every individual that graced my doorstep since 2004 to purchase any baked goods that I had to offer.

So if you have time and inclination, I want to share my success and recipes with you.

There really are only four places left where homemade desserts exist and here they are: 1. The church bazaar, 2. Your momma's house, 3. Mrs. Bush's Pie Co. and 4. You following my recipes.